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W/D Module B

W/D Module B

Dry & Wet battery vacuum cleaners. Unique!

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W/D Module vacuum cleaners (Wet & Dry) represent a successful synthesis of power, reliability and performance.
In particular, the battery-powered vacuum cleaners W/D Module B 50 and W/D Module B 50 BC, unique in the sector, perfectly combine high productivity with a long working autonomy (up to 2 hours with the standard equipment of W/D Module B 50 BC).
A unique mix of comfort, speed and performance, ideal for cleaning large surfaces (swimming pools, hotels, industrial buildings, ...).
W/D Module is equipped with a very performing squeegee device for an even more fast and efficient floor drying.

- Large autonomy (W/D Module B 50 BC version includes a set of AGM DEEP CYCLE batteries - high performance and long life - 1500 cycles - up to 2 hours of autonomy);
- Double suction system (with hose and suction nozzle / with squeegee): flexibility, speed and comfort;
- Large and resistant transport wheels, highly performing swivel wheel: maximum maneuverability and control.

Tank capacity (theoretical/real): 62/50 litres
Drying path: 710 mm
Theoretical productivity: 2,500 m2/h
Running time: up to 2 h (B 50 BC version)
Power/Voltage: 500 W / 24 V
Dimensions (l x w x h): 810x730x1,174 mm
Machine weight: 45 kg
Total weight (for B 50 BC version with batteries and on-board charger): 73 kg
Air flow: 32 l/s
Vacuum: 127 hPa (1,300 mm H2O)

Class: 40
P/N: 7899950009 - W/D Module B 50 - Batteries not included
P/N: 7899950010 - W/D Module B 50 BC - Includes one set of 2 batteries 12 V / 40 Ah and on-board battery charger