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Multidisk for Blue Golia Plus

Multidisk for Blue Golia Plus

Universal drive disc for several treatments on all floors

 Multidisk with 5 free-rotating satellites equipped with NEB* connection can be used with the following accessories:
- MULTI SCRAPER, for glue removal (sold individually)
- MULTI DIAMETAL, for roughening on ceramics and stones (sold individually)
- MULTI TITAN, for roughening on concrete (sold individually)
- MULTI PAPER, for parquet finishing (sold in sets of 5 pieces)
- MULTI MOLA, for sanding concrete screeds (sold individually)
- MULTI TYNEX, for aggressive cleaning (sold individually)
- MULTI LUCIDO, for oiling and waxing (sold individually)
- MULTI NYLON, for cleaning (sold individually)

Diameter: 17" - 430 mm
Weight: 5.7 kg
Drive flange: AG type

Class: 04
P/N: 4099940010AG

*NEB (New hExagonal Block) is a special hooking system that allows fast and secure fastening of various interchangeable accessories.