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Blue Golia Plus KN

Blue Golia Plus KN

A single disc machine for all floors with the strength of the NEB*

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King NEB* version of Blue Golia Plus, Blue Golia Plus KN includes the following standard accessories:
- King NEB* Planetary Disc (with satellite movement transmission by gearings);
- Internal gear for the movement of the 4 satellites (already mounted on the machine);
- Set of 4 NEB* backing discs;
- Velcro dust skirt;
- Set of hoses + fittings (for connection to an on board or remote vacuum cleaner);
- 10 m long Extension Cable.

Blue Golia Plus KN, with its King NEB* planetary disc, equipped with four counter-rotating satellites, makes surface treatments even easier, faster and more effective.
The wide range of accessories allows you to successfully use Blue Golia Plus KN for various dry, even demanding, applications on parquet, subfloors and floors in concrete, resin, marble, granite and natural stones.

Power: 1,850 W - 230-240 V / 50 Hz
Weight (of the system): 59 kg
Speed ​​(machine): 150 rpm
Disc diameter: 16 "- 410 mm
Drive flange: AG type
Planetary satellites speed: 600 rpm

Class: 02
P/N: 4899950045

*NEB (New hExagonal Block) is a special hooking system that allows fast and secure fastening of various interchangeable accessories.