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Aries Belt Lite

Aries Belt Lite

The professional light belt sander for floor contractors and the rental world. Suitable for all types of wooden floors.

ARIES BELT LITE is the most suitable belt sander for every floor contractors and for the rental world, for professional results on every kind of wooden floors.

The machine, 60 kg weight, is available with a 2.2 kW motor.
The other main characteristics of ARIES BELT LITE are:
- a 2400 rpm sanding speed
- the possibility of increasing the drum pressure up to almost the half of its total weight
- the innovative patented tensioning unit that grants a self positioning of the abrasive belt. 
- a very fast dismantling operation in three parts (frame, motor and handle), for an easier carrying of the machine by a single person.

Standard fabric dust bag, disposable paper bags or remote vacuum systems can be used, at your convenience.

Technical Features 
Weight:  60 kg
Speed: 2,400 rpm
Abrasive: 203 x 750 mm
Drum: 200 x Ø 150 mm

Class: 01
P/N: 1999950001BKT - 2,200 W - 230-240 V - 50 Hz

Available also in 220 V - 60 Hz version.