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The expansion drum wood floor sander chosen by the main rental companies on the market.

SCORPION is the floor sander chosen by the main rental companies on the market.

Suitable for both the DIY user and the professional floor contractor, the machine has been designed with all those characteristics that make it probably the easiest and safest floor sander on the market: 

- 47 Kg weight
- a 1,500 W motor
- a maximum pressure on the drum almost half of its total weight
- handle with an "operator presence" on/off control system for a safer use
- handwheel locking system on the handle (this means no tools for the dismantling)
- ready for distressing processes on your wooden floor or cleaning of teak decking with the exclusively Metal and Tynex distressing drums
- standard fabric dust bag, disposable paper bags or remote vacuum systems can be used, at your convenience

Technical Features 
Weight:  47 kg
Speed: 3,000 rpm
Abrasive: 200 x 480 mm
Expansion drum: 200 x Ø 151 mm

Class: 01
P/N: 2999950001BKT - 1,500 W - 230 V - 50 Hz

Also available in 115 V - 60 Hz version