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The professional edger, suitable for every kind of wooden floor and particularly indicated for being used under radiators.

Thanks to its excellent performaces and to its high reliability, PEGASUS is very appreciated by professional wooden floor contractors and by rental companies customers. 
This edger grants professional results when used on all kinds of wooden floor and, thanks to its powerful 1,250 W motor and its 300 mm arm, is the right choice for jobs under radiators.
Standard fabric dust bag, disposable paper bags or remote vacuum systems can be used, at your convenience. 
A kit for a Velcro backing disc is available on demand.

Technical Features 
Weight:  17 kg
Speed: 3,000 rpm
Abrasive: 178 mm
Backing disc: 178 mm

Class: 01
P/N: 2499950000GKT - 1,250 W - 230 V - 50 Hz - standard casters version
P/N: 2499950000SWGKT - 1,250 W - 230 V - 50 Hz - Spherical Wheels version