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Kunzle & Tasin


Founded in 1946 by the Swiss Massimo Künzle and the Italian Ezio Tasin, the company began operations in post-war Milan and quickly established itself (in Italy first and abroad later) as a point of reference in the market for wood processing and parquet treatment machines.

In July 2010, Kunzle & Tasin S.r.l. has become part of Biffignandi Group, combining an international inclination with tradition, solidity and capacity for innovation.

In May 2013 an important strategic agreement has been signed with the Swedish company Bona AB. The partnership with Bona, world leader in the production of solutions for wooden floors, has combined, consolidated and expanded the respective initial sales networks of the two companies and, as regards the machines, specific professional tools and integrated solutions for various types of flooring.



The propensity of Kunzle & Tasin to think, design and produce innovative solutions, even in situations of economic uncertainty, is a feature not easily found in other business realities. The new challenges of the national and international markets constantly require a strong research and a strong drive towards innovation. The design and creation of new tools, not necessarily linked to our usual core business, are leading us to propose new treatment systems, which will be used to work on any type of horizontal or vertical surface. Therefore, we want to offer our customers solutions that are always intelligent, in line with the technological innovations of the moment and with the demands of the market, but scrupulously respectful of the regulations to protect the safety of the operator.


From the beginning, the technical development of KT's new products has always been the result of a close collaboration between us, the manufacturers, and those who use our treatment systems, the floor specialists.

The initial insights that the founders of the company Ezio Tasin and Massimo Künzle have had, always were carried out and developed by a group of technically specialized collaborators.

The acquisition of patents related to Spherical Wheels, the launch of new sanders, the attention to solutions even for surfaces other than horizontal ones and the study of a new range of multi-surface machines (sweepers, scrubber dryers and vacuum cleaners) are evident signs of an uncommon vitality.